BaoFeng UV-5R Stuff

This is the old page. The new page is here

I love my Little Chinese Radios, so I created a page for them with notes, files, etc. that I thought might be useful to me. And if it helps others too, even better. My page has a little info. for specific uses, but here's a site that every UV-5R owner should bookmark.

The first thing I want to put up here is my List of Frequencies for Utah County (see below). This is a Chirp data file. Make sure to get the latest daily build.

It's set up the way I like it. I use the same organization on all of my radios. Usage notes:
  1. Most used frequencies in the top 10 (or so) channels. I always know what numbers they are so I can go to them quickly.
  2. The rest are sorted by frequency. I add/remove frequencies sometimes but I know generally where things are.
  3. Public Service frequencies are locked out so I can hear, but can't accidentally transmit on them.
  4. Only the main UCARES, ERC, and a few simplex frequencies are enabled for scanning.
  5. Open channels are at end (high channel numbers). I can save things here for temporary situations and not worry about overwriting something.
  6. High power on most things I will transmit on. Hitting '#' switches the radio to low power easily if I need to save battery power.
  7. I keep Dual Receive turned OFF. If I need to listen to more frequencies, I turn on more radios.
  8. I set the radio to display the Frequency on the Top and the Name on the bottom and switch to the same channel on both A & B.
I've got other stuff to add, but since a few people have asked me for my file of frequencies, I wanted to get started with that.

The second item I want to share is my UV-5R cheat-sheet. I try to keep a laminated copy of this with each of my radios and in the various locations where I might use them (cars, desk at work, trailer). I can't ever seem to remember how to program them! If anyone local wants one - I got a nice laminating machine for Christmas and would love to have an excuse to use it!

Note: The link to download a file is the little red arrow at the right.
Douglas B. McKay,
Dec 26, 2013, 4:23 PM