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KD7LRJ I-Gate is back online

posted Apr 2, 2009, 6:57 AM by Douglas B. McKay
I finally got the I-Gate back up and running. It's reading from the new (to me) KPC-3 and gating traffic to the Internet Stream (IS).

In order to try to make it more stable, there are two sides to things now. The digipeater side is running completely on the TNC as it has been for the past several months. I had to tweak UI-View a bit in order to make it leave the digipeater settings on the TNC alone while still being able to move traffic to the IS as LINDON instead of KD7LRJ. So the other half of the equation is the I-Gate side which shows up on the IS as KD7LRJ.

One benefit of running in this configuration is that if the computer behind the I-Gate portion goes away, the RF side continues happily without noticing any difference. This is much better than before when running in KISS mode where UI-View had complete control (which, undeniably, had a few benefits) and everything came to a grinding halt whenever anything on the computer had a problem.

I also moved the radio to a better antenna (8' vertical instead of a discone) and it now has about 150 AH @ 12 V of battery reserve backing it up. I'll be tracking its power consumption over the next little while to see how much it actually uses (using my handy Power Analyzer Pro).