Recommended Software

I thought I may as well share some information about the various software products I use on a regular basis.

Password/login manager:  I can't keep track of how many userid/password combinations I have now but RoboForm can; and it lets me manage them efficiently.  I have hundreds of entreis and use it dozens of times every day at work and home.

GoodSync is a great file synchronization utility - I use it to keep my RoboForm data and my music files up to date between home and work via the microSD card attached to my EDC flashlight.

For online backup of my important data, I use

My favorite text editor is UltraEdit.  I've been using text editors for manipulating large quantities of data for over 20 years.  This one works for me and the price is fantastic!

With my audio collection, I use MediaMonkey as both an organizer and a MP3 player.

To help keep spam under control, I used to use Blue Security's software, but unfortunately, they are no longer around.  A combination of an e-mail forwarding/cleaning service and *Gmail seem to do fine for me.  There are also other ways to Fight Spam!

My preferred browser is *Firefox.  There are still some pages that it doesn't handle, so I do use IE at times as well.

For system security and virus checking, I currently use *Microsoft Security Essentials

For word processing and spreadsheets, I use *

For genealogy and family history, I work online and use

For scanning photographs, I have used VueScan for over 15 years.

For viewing and organizing photographs, I use FotoAlbum Pro and use their online FotoTime service to share pictures online.

For scanning and document archival, I use PaperPort.

For searching and finding documents on my computer, I use *Google Desktop.

For a page counters and web site statistics, I use *Google Analytics but I have also used *SiteMeter.

* I use the FREE version of these programs. The others are purchased versions and have all been well worth their cost to me.
last updated 2010-04-27