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2013-12-14 Net

posted Dec 14, 2013, 9:36 PM by Douglas B. McKay
I didn't keep a list of check-ins, but we had a good group and did some experimentation. In nearly every case where there was any discernable audio present, someone was able to copy it. We're all still working on getting the little kinks ironed out. Of course that will continue forever, but we'll get better at knowing what works and what doesn't as we practice.

I mentioned that I was using an application on my Android phone. Here's a link. It locks up after a short time receiving and doesn't have a squelch control, but it does seems to work for short little bits and could be useful in a pinch.

At some point, it would be cool if we could have an all digital net, but since this isn't a connected mode, we would certainly trample all over each other if we weren't coordinated somehow. A control operator on voice seemed to work fairly well, but does anyone have any ideas on how to keep things working smoothly?