McTool Revision History

2014-06-06 ver.

posted Jun 6, 2014, 1:59 PM by Douglas B. McKay

  • Set default to leave filename case alone when copying

2012-05-17 ver.

posted May 17, 2012, 1:50 PM by Douglas B. McKay   [ updated May 17, 2012, 1:52 PM ]

  • Removed the option for maintaining NTFS security - it wasn't working correctly all of the time and I don't have time to figure out why.

2012-02-17 ver.

posted Feb 17, 2012, 3:59 PM by Douglas B. McKay   [ updated Feb 17, 2012, 4:05 PM ]

  • Added copying of NTFS permissions. Please note that this has not been thoroughly tested yet, please be careful using this option until it can be verified that it works properly (feel free to help :)

2010-12-14 ver.

posted Feb 14, 2011, 3:43 PM by Douglas B. McKay

  • Added ability to ignore free space on the destination drive by setting both the Low and Min space values to 0.
  • Removed the automatic pause if free space cannot be determined after 5 attempts.
2010-11-12 ver.
  • Remove read-only attribute before copying, moving, or deleting files.
2010-11-12 ver.
  • Changed default retry value to 3
  • Changed default timeout value to 10

2010-11-11 ver.
  • Open files in shared mode when computing hashes. No longer gives errors if files are open by other users.

2010-11-10 ver.
  • Skipped files now show up in the log only when Verbose is selected.

2010-10-30 ver.
  • Compiled with .NET 4.0 (Download here if you don't have it)
  • Changed last octet in version number to be the build number.
  • Added MD5 hashing ability.
  • Better error handling/recovery.

2009-10-21 ver.

  • Quite a few fixes.

2009-04-16 ver.

  • Fix problem with "Skip prescan" checkbox getting disabled after 10 seconds.
  • Disable conflicting options when "Force Copy" is selected.
  • Changed a directory error to be just a warning until retries expire.

2009-03-24 ver.

  • Handle millsecond date/time problem on some filesystems.
  • Slow down progress bar when things are going fast.
  • Reformat e-mail with two spaces at beginning of each line so Outlook won't try to unwrap it.

2009-02-26 ver.

  • Better color handling of progress bar.
  • Better handling of Skip Prescan check box when running.
  • Faster checking of source directories. Only checks once instead of going through the full retry/wait cycle.
  • Better error handling for compare failures.

2009-02-23 ver.

  • Added ability to skip the Prescan either before or during program execution.
2009-01-16 ver.
  • Added ability to compare the files after the Move/Copy. Uses SHA1 hash algorithm.
  • Better UI reset.
2009-01-10 ver.
  • Minor timing changes between prescan and copy threads.
  • Better testing for thread completion.
  • Minor log file format update.
2009-01-06 ver.
  • Added tracking for when processing is paused. Pausing will no longer adversly affect the throughput stats.
  • Much better error handling and reporting under adverse circumstances (network troubles, etc.).
  • Misc other enhancements.
2008-11-21 ver.
  • Re-enable changing thresholds while running.
  • Misc. minor changes.

2008-10-25 ver.

  • Don’t require a destination directory when using “None” as the Copy Method (like when just checking the size of the source files).
  • If the number of threads is set to zero (0) when the prescan finishes, a status report will be e-mailed. Increasing the threads will then allow processing to continue.

2008-10-20 ver.

  • Changed low space e-mails to only get sent once (don't ignore them anymore!).

2008-10-15 ver.

  • Added more stats to log file (directory handling method, file counts in front of file sizes).

2008-10-03 ver.

  • Better error reporting 


  • Pause will now pause everything, not just copy threads.
  • Canceling works better.
  • A little UI reorg. to make it a bit smaller and show a few more stats.
  • Other misc. enhancements/fixes.


  • Drag and drop on the Source path now appends to whatever is already there. Formatted thread display window better.
  • Added check for write permissions and/or low disk space on destination. Fixed problem with "can't access directory" messages appearing when canceling a process.
  • Make sure the destination directory is there before writing the free space test file to it.
  • Added Pause feature. Added disk space thresholds for Low and Minimum disk space on the destination. It will send an e-mail (if e-mailing is enabled) when those thresholds are reached. If it hits the minimum threshold, it will automatically pause move/copy processing.
  • Fixed low disk space e-mails from being repeated. Added disk space remaining to summary report.
  • Added e-mail settings (file | preferences)
Version Description
12/13/2007 Changed filename from wildcard to Regular Expressions.
12/13/2007 Added ability to select date/time compare options: Newer, Different, Ignore
12/12/2007 Fixed files being left in the source if they already existed in the destination during moves.
12/11/2007 Changed Date/Time compare handling. Files will now only be copied if they are NEWER.
12/9/2007 New logging class - no difference externally, but now the class is available for other projects.
11/28/2007 Update some more error messages.
11/12/2007 More accurate time remaining. Better retry on error handling. Update some error messages.
11/5/2007 Carriage return in source path with only 1 path caused exception while sending e-mail message.
11/1/2007 Added error handling for importing/exporting settings file.
10/29/2007 More efficient sharing of scanning and copying threads.
10/24/2007 Additional completion time estimate based on last throughput measurement.
10/22/2007 Rearranged UI to use screen better. Removed tabs and a couple other items.
10/20/2007 Reworked threading to make it follow the trees from top to bottom.
10/18/2007 Added a "threads running" window - drag the main window wider horizontally to see it.
10/16/2007 Configuration file saving. Command line version.
10/13/2007 More consistent error reporting.
10/10/2007 Current BPS stats (sliding window).
10/8/2007 Fixes to multithreading for deep directories.
10/1/2007 Multithreading.
9/20/2007 More stats. Added Drag and Drop to the paths fields.
2/5/2007 One-way syncing option added (McSync)
2/1/2007 Now handles multiple source paths.
1/30/2007 Wildcard handling.
1/17/2007 Added delete tree functionality on the delete tab.
11/16/2006 Added options to set the number retries and time between them on file/directory operations failure.
11/16/2006 Added cancel button.
11/14/2006 Initial release.

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