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Resurrecting Echolink

posted May 27, 2009, 7:30 AM by Douglas B. McKay
My EchoLink node has been up and down several times over the years. Currently, I'm trying to bring back it back and make it available to the local area. I have been running an APRS digipeater, but things have changed (again). I will be putting it on 147.580 MHz at first to work with one of the local LDS Church Nets, but it will be flexible and able to move wherever we need it (2M at first, 70cm later if needed). For example, we may be able to let folks who are travelling check into the weekly UCARES net from wherever they happen to be.

Anyway, It will probably be a few weeks yet before things settle down, but my son and I are starting to gather and configure hardware and software to make it all work.