Here is some information about my past adventures with EchoLink

Echolink node number 44866 is running at station KD7LRJ in Lindon, Utah mostly on 147.580 MHz, but can be moved around if someone who is traveling or stuck in an office without access to a radio wants to listen or check into a local net, etc. To make such arrangements, please contact me (see link at left).
  • The radio is a Kenwood TM-G707 mobile radio with an 8 foot vertical antenna mounted at 30 feet.
  • The computer interface is a TigerTronics SignalLink USB.
  • The computer is a dual processor 1 GHz running Windows 2003 Server dedicated to this link.
  • The internet connection is a 50 megabit fiber optic line through XMission.
  • The radio and computer are backed by a customized UPS unit with over 150 amp hours of battery backup.
  • The internet connection is also backed up by a UPS.
  • I anticipate approximately 6 to 8 hours of internet connectivity and many more hours (or days) running on battery power.
  • A generator is available, but in the event of a local emergency, this station will most likely be re purposed for local use and will not support worldwide communications.
  • EchoProducer provides the text to speech and other announcement capabilities to the link.
This link is open for public use. Please feel free to use the link to talk with other stations, get weather reports, connect to other conferences, etc. If the link is currently connected to a conference that doesn't interest you, feel free to change it.

Please let me know if things are not working properly, if something goes wrong, if it doesn't sound good, if the time is off, or whatever. Updated lists of control codes will be posted below as they change (and they will). Please be sure to have the latest list if you want to use the link most efficiently.

   ...Doug KD7LRJ

News information will be added below with the latest at the top.

Updated link control commands

posted Jun 10, 2009, 8:27 AM by Douglas B. McKay   [ updated Jun 13, 2009, 5:56 PM ]

Here's the latest.

This list will continue to evolve quickly in the near future. Someday, it will settle down.

*   Node info    
#   Disconnect – (EchoLink) Last station connected    
D   Disconnect – (EchoProducer) Last station connected    
00  Random connection - Any node    
01  Random link - Repeater or Simplex (-R or -L)    
02  Random conference - Any conference server    
03  Random user - Any computer user    
06  Query by node    
07  Query by call    
08  List current connections (status report)
09  Reconnect (last station connected)
10  Time
11  Play node information (hardware, etc.)
12  Play list of available node shortcuts
73  Disconnect all stations currently connected    
98  End radio test
99  Test your radio transmit and receive (5 minute default)
*1  Play Weather Exchange Conditions    
*2  Play Weather Exchange Forecast    
*3  Play Weather Exchange Warnings     Short    
*4  Play Weather Exchange Warnings     Summary    
*5  Play Weather Exchange Warnings     Long    
*6 Play National Weather Service 7 day Forecast for Lindon
*7 Play National Weather Service Short Term Forecast
*8 Play National Weather Service Hazardous Weather Outlook
*A  Play News 1
*B  Play News 2
*C  Play News 3
C1  Connect to Ireland conference
C2  Connect to Care Hub conference
C3  Connect to LDSHams conference
C4  Connect to World wide MARA conference

Control codes

posted Jun 2, 2009, 8:35 PM by Douglas B. McKay   [ updated Jun 3, 2009, 10:14 AM ]

Here is an incomplete list of control codes available for the EchoLink node. This list may evolve and change in the future, but I will post updates here.

* Node info

# Disconnect – EchoLink Last station connected

D Disconnect – EchoProducer Last station connected

73 Disconnect All stations currently connected

00 Random connection Any node

01 Random link Repeater or Simplex (-R or -L)

02 Random conference Any conference server

03 Random user Any computer user

06 Query by node

07 Query by call
Conference Number Shotcut
08 List current connections Status report ECHOTEST 9999 C9
09 Reconnect Last station connected IRELAND 2605 C1
**0 Time
CARE_HUB 119705 C2
**1 Weather Conditions
LDSHAMS 17388 C3
**2 Weather Forecast
WW-MARA 173882 C4
**3 Weather Warnings Short

**4 Weather Warnings Summary

**5 Weather Warnings Long

13# Toggle text messages on/off

14# Announcements On

15# Announcements Off

Resurrecting Echolink

posted May 27, 2009, 7:30 AM by Douglas B. McKay

My EchoLink node has been up and down several times over the years. Currently, I'm trying to bring back it back and make it available to the local area. I have been running an APRS digipeater, but things have changed (again). I will be putting it on 147.580 MHz at first to work with one of the local LDS Church Nets, but it will be flexible and able to move wherever we need it (2M at first, 70cm later if needed). For example, we may be able to let folks who are travelling check into the weekly UCARES net from wherever they happen to be.

Anyway, It will probably be a few weeks yet before things settle down, but my son and I are starting to gather and configure hardware and software to make it all work.

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