Aid Station Exploits

This is just a place to collect the various information I've collected by working with some of these events.  I figure some of the observations, etc. may be useful to others who may do similar stuff in the future.  It's all slanted from a communications point of view (since that's how I have been involved in most of these). Here are some of the events that I intend to create pages for:

Mountain trail runs (Ultra Marathons)

  • Squaw Peak 50 Mile Trail Run
  • Kat'cina Mosa 100 K Mountain Challenge Run
  • Wasatch 100 Mile Trail Run

I've also helped at a few other events, but not on a regular basis:

Public Service Events

  • Orem Summerfest parade and fireworks
  • TERT (Timpanogos Emergency Response Team)
  • Fires (large area brush/timber events)

Various Parades and public events

  • Freedom Festival Parade
  • March of Dimes walk-a-thon
  • Rex Lee run
  • Iron Man competition
  • ULCER (Utah Lake Century Epic Ride) 100 mile bike ride
  • Misc. other events

On these pages I hope to include maps, track logs, information I think may be helpful, links to other pages about the event, and whatever else happens to come up.

Since I can't run (I've never liked running), I hike (and sometimes bike or drive) instead.  That way I can play with electronic equipment (GPS, Ham Radios, Heart Monitor, etc.)  along the way -- this is one reason (although it's not the main reason) I'm usually a pretty slow hiker/biker/etc.

Pictures of events

I have also blogged about this (and other) stuff a little bit, but don't get too excited...